The Pick and Shovel
54 Coventry St., Newport, VT 05855 (Map)

The Pick and Shovel is anchor destination in downtown Newport's marketplace. It is our General Store. A treasure trove of odds and ends for every home improvement project imaginable. There is also a good selection of casual clothes for the whole family! A quick visit to the Pick & Shovel has saved many a special occasion from something to wear to a unique gift.

Now, the big secret that everybody in town knows is if you're looking for ice cream in Newport, you've gotta think of the Pick & Shovel. Actually, it's known as Tim & Dougs ice cream, but everybody knows to head over to The Pick and Shovel. This is a gem of an ice cream stand that you must hit if you are in town.  It's a walk up window attached to the hardware store but the quality and creations of the ice cream are the best. Chocolate and Vanilla twist with sprinkles?  How about Maple Walnut? Open from mid-March to mid-October. Every year.

Not only will you find ice cream... pet supplies, hardware, and yes, picks and shovels are all ready and waiting for you - not to mention their renown extraordinary personal service. They don't make hardware stores quite like what you'll find at The Pick and Shovel. Now that you're in on the secret. Share.

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