The Committees

To achieve its strategic objectives, the Newport Downtown Development Corporation is structured with 4 volunteer committees. This committee structure, recommended by the State of Vermont and adapted from the National Main Street Program, provides a proven framework for downtown transformation through community–based revitalization efforts. An overview of the committee construct follows. 

Design: The Design team is responsible for implementing all the aspects of the strategic objective that involve physical and visual components, including building rehabilitation, infill development, public spaces, signs, window displays, transportation, and parking.

Design team members might include people with expertise in architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning, product design, graphics, visual merchandising, historic preservation, and civil engineering, as well as people with a strong appreciation for an understanding of the physical characteristics that help make an older or historic commercial district work well.

Promotion: The Promotion team is responsible for marketing the district to area residents, district workers, visitors, investors, and others. Its responsibilities include planning and implementing promotional programming including business and retail promotional activities and image-building activities

Promotion team members might include people with expertise in marketing, advertising, website design, graphics, public relations, and retail management. This team provides great opportunities to involve school groups, civic organizations, social clubs, and other civic- minded organizations.

Organization: The Organization team is responsible for ensuring that the revitalization program has the financial resources, volunteers, and partnerships it needs to accomplish its mission and to successfully implement the Transformation Strategy.

Organization team members might include people with expertise in business management, public and/or media relations, fundraising, organizational development, project management, or leadership.

For more information about committee work please email