St. Mary Star of the Sea
191 Clermont Terrace, Newport, VT 05855 (Map)

Resting at the highest point of the peninsula of Newport, St. Mary Star of the Sea with its twin spires, gold crosses and statue of the Virgin Mary was formally dedicated August 1, 1909.  Fr. Clermont acquired several parcels of land on Prospect Street. On one he built a wood-frame parish hall. This building later became the Sacred Heart School and Convent.

From the quarries in and around Newport, came granite stones some of them 33 inches (84 cm) thick. The labor was by local stonecutters and other locals. The support was from the 350 or so parish families and the non-parishioners of the community. Clermont often labored right alongside the construction workers.  Excavation for the Newport church began in 1903. The cornerstone was laid in 1904.

The church, Romanesque in style stands approximately 114 by 72 feet (35 by 22 m). The two towers are 105 feet (32 m) high. It seats about 556 people in pews. The slope is 2 feet (0.61 m), allowing an unimpeded view of services.[3]

The interior paintings, scenes from the Old and New Testaments, were recreated by N.O. Rochon, a local artist, with the permission of the French artist Tissaud.  It is rumored that the scene on the church ceiling was done by Charles Hardin Andrus, a then famous local artist.

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