Northeast Kingdom Travel & Tourism Association (NEKTTA)
, Newport, VT (Map)

It has taken nearly million years to form the definitive region known as "Vermont's Northeast Kingdom." Over the eons, the Kingdom's land has been sculpted by collisions of continents, glacial activity and natural erosion into a distinctive foundation of rolling hills, rising mountains and pristine lakes. Time and human habitation have softened the edges, leaving thick forests, lush pastures and meandering streams, as well as picturesque villages, enduring farmsteads and impressive historic edifices. Today, the Kingdom is regarded as one of the most beautiful landscapes in the country. 

We invite you to join us and explore Vermont's Northeast Kingdom! 

On the NEKTTA website you'll find a Central Reservation System to book your visits and a Country Store to find your most specially made limited edition made in the Northeast Kingdom gift... for a special someone.. and yourself.


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