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Newport Parks and Recreation Annual Lake Memphremagog Ice Out Contest Underway

Mar 09, 2020
Newport Parks & RecreationANNUAL LAKE MEMPHREMAGOG ICE OUT CONTEST UNDERWAY! It's a question as old as the lake herself. Whether you're on the shores of Newport or across the border in Canada, every spring…

City of Newport Ordinance #120 Regulating ATV Use on Town Highways

Jan 17, 2020
    The City of Newport Ordinance #120 Regulating All Terrain Vehicle Use on Town Highways also known as the 'ATV Ordinance' was approved by the City Council on October 21st, 2019 for a trial period…

Tapped In presented by The Pick and Shovel

Feb 27, 2019
  The Northeast Kingdom is home to the greatest sugar makers in the world. Check out the wicked wonderful story of these amazing Vermonters in this short documentary created by the Pick and Shovel located…

Outdoors: Trying to keep up with neighbor Vermont

Feb 27, 2019
  By Herb Terns, As featured on Timesunion, February 22, 2019.  Image credit, Trudi Hargis   It's the crazy neighbor that keeps things interesting. They're the one that gets you looking out your front…