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Newport Downtown Development Corporation
194 Main Street Suite 205, Newport, VT 05855 (Map)

The Newport Downtown Development Organization is a 501(c)6 non-profit community organization working to revitalize, preserve and promote historic downtown Newport as a strong and resilient economic hub, a livable and walkable community, and a vibrant social, recreational and cultural center for residents and visitors to enjoy.

Over the next few years, the organization’s strategic focus on developing a four- season outdoor recreational economy in Newport will inform all activities of the organization. This strategy:

• reflects a sustainable economic model that incorporates the values and authentic local culture of the northern Newport lifestyle and the Newport brand;

• balances the need for development with a desire to preserve and conserve natural assets;

• directly supports related businesses and organizations;

• creates new consumer markets for the area and encourages new business growth;

• provides increased public access to Newport’s magnificent international lake;

• attracts employers and families;

• supports individual and community health;

• and contributes to a high quality of life.

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