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  • Anc Bio- September 2014 – The Jay Peak Biomedical Research Park received an Act 250 permit authorizing construction of a 84,934 sq. ft., four-story, bio-medical manufacturing facility at 192 Bogner Drive in Newport Vermont. AnC Bio will conducting-edge research on stem cells; manufacture artificial organs; and operate clean rooms. The building will be FDA certified throughout the construction process and biomedical projects that will take place in the facility will be FDA approved before work begins.
  • Walmart – As of Summer 2015 construction is underway on Shattuck Hill, US Route 5, Derby VT, for a 160,000 sq. ft. Super Walmart store. Walmart plans to employ approximately 240 people at the store. Developers are finalizing details regarding transportation.
  • Dunkin’ Donuts – As of 2015 construction is underway for a 2,380 sq. ft. Dunkin Donuts restaurant on US Route 5, just west of Modern Furniture and Bedding Store in Derby VT. The restaurant will have 28 seats and a drive-thru window.
  • Yankee Credit Union – Site work started Sept 2014 on a 4,000 sq. ft. office building located on Commerce Way in Derby VT. Yankee Farm Credit Union has now relocated this facility.
  • The Highlands Development, 338 Highland Avenue, City of Newport Vermont – Owner Bobby Miller is renovating the former hospital property into 22 individual rental units to meet the growing demand for residential housing.
  • Soltage-Greenwood Solar Project in Coventry Vt., a joint venture between premier North American solar power provider Soltage, LLC, and Greenwood Energy, the North and Latin American clean energy division of the Libra Group, has commissioned a 2.7-megawatt (MW) solar power system located on Casella Waste Systems’ Coventry, Vermont, landfill site. The array is the largest solar project built on a landfill site in Vermont, and is expected to generate 3 million kilowatt-hours of electricity annually from more than 9,000 solar panels. Energy will be sold through a 25-year power purchase agreement to Vermont Electric Power Producers Inc. (VEPP Inc), a purchasing agent appointed by the Vermont Public Service Board under Vermont’s Sustainably Priced Energy Enterprise Development (SPEED) Standard Offer Program. Casella Waste Systems, which owns the Coventry landfill, was the original development partner on this solar power system project. When combined with Casella’s existing 8 megawatt on-site methane-to-energy facility, all available property is now being used to generate clean power.