To live in Newport City and it's surrounding towns, is to be part of something unique.  Newport provide a mix of country living, with a connection to hidden dining opportunities, the arts, indoor and outdoor activities, mountains, lakes and all the Mother Nature has to offer.

Sitting at the top of Vermont, with views into southern Quebec, Canada, while having easy interstate access to the rest of the U.S. makes Newport a different kind of place.

Whether you live in town and enjoy walking and cycling everywhere, or if you head into town to pick up something at the Pick & Shovel, the library, or to get groceries, our piece of the Kingdom provides you your own space to be yourself.  High speed Internet access, great coffee, scrumptious food, jewelry, toys, financial services and more can be found.

We tend to attract a hearty stock, who want to be part of a friendly, roll-up your sleeves neighborhood.  If you're looking to start a business, telecommute from a lakeside cottage, or put down some roots, our community has what you are looking for.


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Newport's renaissance is making a better opportunity for the future.  Come join us.