GAW High-Speed Internet
, Newport, VT (Map)

GAW High-Speed Internet provides free WiFi service (it appears as 'Community WiFi' as a wifi option on your mobile phone, tablet or laptop) to downtown Newport's Main Street corridor and the Newport City Docks. At no cost to the city, either. GAW is providing this criticaly important service as a contribution to downtown Newport's economic development. THANK YOU

GAW High-Speed Internet was conceived to provide high-speed internet access to rural areas not served by DSL or cable as well as a low cost, alternative to DSL or cable services in more densely populated urban areas.

As New England's largest wireless Internet service provider, GAW High-Speed Internet has served nearly 30,000 users in communities throughout Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont and New Hampshire.

With a passion for enriching the quality of life of those the company serves, GAW High-Speed Internet is New England's premiere provider of low-cost, high-speed, Internet access using WiMAX technology capable of delivering crystal clear quality with its Digital Voice Service as well as high-definition television.

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