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From nourishing to flourishing. If happy healthy communities with robust ecosystems and economies is the kind of ROI that speaks to you, then speak to us, about joining Newport. Fresh By Nature. This program connects farmers in Newport's neighboring communities with downtown Newport restaurants, and is proud to support Newport's community gardens ~ Fresh Start Community Farm ~ and Newport's Farmers Market.

Newport. Fresh by Nature. is proud to be partnered with Green Mountain Farm Direct, a regional food hub made up of more than a dozen independent local farmers, delivering food, fresh from the growers, direct to Newport restaurants and eateries, as well as schools and community institutions.

Green Mountain Farm Direct is an offshoot of the successful Green Mountain Farm-to-School program, which has been making education more nourishing by connecting farms and schools since 2005. Today, Green Mountain Farm-to-School serves 24 school communities in the Northeast Kingdom with school gardens, educational programs and fresh local food from Vermont farms.

If you want to invest in the future, plant a seed. If you want to invest in a prosperous, healthy, flourishing region, buy food from local farmers. That’s what farm direct means. They grow our food. We grow their business. It’s a perfect feedback loop. Nourishing, all round.