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Downtown Development

The Newport City Renaissance Corporation is a 501(c) (6) non-profit community organization working to revitalize, preserve and promote historic downtown Newport as a strong and resilient economic hub, a livable and walkable community, and a vibrant social, recreational and cultural center for residents and visitors to enjoy.

Over the next few years, the organization’s strategic focus on developing a four- season outdoor recreational economy in Newport will inform all activities of the organization. This strategy:

  • Reflects a sustainable economic model that incorporates the values and authentic local culture of the northern Vermont lifestyle and the Newport brand;

  • Balances the need for development with a desire to preserve and conserve natural assets;

  • Directly supports related businesses and organizations;

  • Creates new consumer markets for the area and encourages new business growth;

  • Provides increased public access to Newport’s magnificent international lake;

  • Attracts employers and families;

  • Supports individual and community health, and;

  • Contributes to a quality of life.

    Why Outdoor Recreation? 

The outdoor recreation economy accounts for 34,000 direct jobs and $2.5 billion in consumer spending in Vermont. Newport’s landscape of forests, farms and the associated outdoor recreation opportunities are a big reason why people choose to visit, live and work here. To sustain and enhance the values of Newport’s quality of life, these assets must be carefully managed and promoted to realize their economic potential.

For more information about our outdoor offerings, please contact Jim Davis at (802) 334-0599 or by mail at