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See how a partnership between senior citizens and youngsters has transformed a vacant lot in Newport, Vermont into a bountiful garden and a vibrant, multi-generational community.

Vermont Public Television produced a video for their Vermont Grown series, "Fresh Start Community Gardens." Click here. Despite Vermont's reputation as the nation's premier state for local-food production, 32% of Vermonters either cannot afford enough food or enough nutritious food. This edition of Vermont Grown puts the focus on some citizens in the state's Northeast Kingdom who are working to bring fresh, affordable, locally-produced food to isolated rural towns.

Newport's Fresh Start Community Farm is supported in part by Newport City Renaissance's Newport. Fresh By Nature. program. It all started in 2011, inspired in part by work that the Orton Family Foundation did in Golden, Colorado nurturing community strength and power to advance positive changes in the neighborhoods. Click here to learn more.