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Newport keeps locals and tourists busy all four seasons. Our region offers skiing at Jay Peak & Memphremagog Ski Touring Center, fishing, kayaking, sailing and boating on Lake Memphremagog, golfing at our local golf course, biking along our 7.5 mile trail, swimming and camping at Prouty Beach, and riding ATV's and snow machines on our local trails. And when you finish visit our local outdoor attractions, please visit our downtown businesses. You'll find something fun, beautiful and exciting to do all year long in Newport!

The City of Newport recently passed an ATV Ordinance that allows ATV's to ride on certain Newport City streets commencing May 15, 2020. We are open for business so please shop local and enjoy our top notch restaurants.  We ask that you follow all COVID-19 Work Smart/Stay Safe Orders during your visit. For more information on all the local trails download the P.O.L.A.R.I.S. Ride Command App from the Apple App Store. It has the updated map of all the trails, trailheads and connecting routes for the area. 

ATVs are allowed to ride on certain Newport City Streets commencing May 15, 2020, as follows:

SECTION IV. TOWN HIGHWAYS OPENED. The following Town Highways shall be open to ATV traffic in both directions:  ([Road name] from (street address/intersection) to (street address/intersection).

A.    Highland Ave to Third St., Third St. to Main St., Main St. over the Veterans Memorial Bridge to access the Glenn Road, and to access Western Ave.

B.     Western Ave to access East Main as far as the intersection of East Main and Sias Ave.

C.     Main St. to the Causeway to include Union St. to access the Public Works Garage for a Trail Head,

D.    Union St. to Lake St.,

E.     Main St. to Coventry St to allow access to a Trail Head at the Recycling Center.

F.      From the Causeway up East Main St. as far as the intersection of Sias Ave and Western Avenue.

Additional regulations include ATV operators possessing a valid driver's license in order to operate on town highways; All ATV operators are expected to adhere to all posted signs, including speed limits, and wearing a U.S. Department of Transportation approved helmet, unless their ATV vehicle is equipped with seat belts and those seat belts are in use. Any ATV operating on permitted town highways must have at least one working headlight, tail light and brakes, as well as a muffler and exhaust system that keeps the vehicle's maximum noise output below 82 decibels from 50 feet away. For your convenience the ATV Ordinance is here: The Ordinance went  into effect on December 20, 2019. Listed below are other local attractions in Newport: